Tips for Saving Money when You Shop

Tips for Saving Money when You Shop

Oddly enough 20-20 did a segment on today’s show about getting discounts, so I added a few great tips.

For brick and mortar shopping.

Bring someone else with you when you are shopping for a big-ticket item. When you bring someone with you, you can make comments to the other person in front of the salesman like Gee, I would love to have it, but I think its kind of expensive, I saw that cheaper somewhere else, I would love to have it but I can only afford X amount of money, etc. This way, if the salesman really wants that sale, he will drop that price. When you direct those comments directly to the salesperson, it just does not have the same impact. They kind of figure out you are fishing for a better price.

Most stores use a few items as loss leaders to get customers to come into the store. Loss leaders are items that are either, at cost or even below cost. When I worked for music wholesaler, one of our customers ( a major department store) had us price the CDs for them for $1 below cost, which means they lost money on each cd. But, they were going to position them in the clothing departments. They hoped that a certain percentage of the kids/parents would buy something else on the way in or out to make up for the $1 they lost on the cd. When you look in the paper or in the store, many loss leaders will have a limit as to how many you can buy. That is a good way to tell if it’s a loss leader. The trick is to grab the sale items and leave. The temptation is to look around and pick up a few other items, which is what they are hoping you will do.

Some stores offer discounts if you buy by the case. Walgreens liquor stores use to offer a discount if you order a case of whatever item you were buying. You can always ask. Sometimes, small stores and businesss offer much better deals than the brands themselves. For shoes, you’re likely to get better deals from sites that review shoes than the brands themselves.

Some stores & restaurants have frequent shopper cards. Fill the card and you get a free meal or sandwich. A local Music store gives a free cd when you fill up a card. Check the register, usually, they will have a sign about a frequent shopper card.

If you are planning on buying quite a few items, you can say something like: If I buy 20 DVDs, can I get a discount? Or, if I spend at least $100, can I get a discount?

One woman sells baby items on eBay. Walmart was having a sale on baby mattresses. She asked the sales person if she bought 10 of them, could she get a discount. They gave her another discount on top of the sale price. So sometimes, all you have to do is ask. You can get great deals and reviews on makeup like LipSense.

Look for imperfect items: Missing buttons, slight tears that you can sew up, missing belts, etc. and ask if they can lower the price.

Check to see if you can buy floor models, discontinued items, slightly dented, etc. We’ve seen deals on the best cordless impact wrench for almost 60% OFF.

Many stores or restaurant websites have coupons online. Before I go to Popeyes, I always check their site, because I know they always have a coupon. Some places like Papa John’s may give you something free (like a liter of soda) if you place your order online, instead of calling the store.

Check the stores after each holiday. They will sell things as much as 90% off. CVS had most of their Easter stuff for 90% off. I bought some empty plastic eggs, grass and a few other things. I will just put them away for Easter next year. They will keep. Most candy will be at least half price. It doesn’t matter if the MM;’s are pastel for Easter, red amp; green for Christmas, it all tastes the same. I have never paid full price for Christmas cards. If I get low, I will just pick up a box or two after Christmas for ½ off.

Most electronic items, appliance or other high ticket item offer extended warranties for an additional cost. Don’t buy it if you have a credit card that has extended warranty protection.

If you are shopping in a store that offers a 20% discount if you sign up to get one of their credit cards. Use the card to get the discount, but then cut it up. Pay it off right away so there no additional charges on it.

If you shop for big-ticket items on a day when the weather is bad; rainy days, days when it is snowing, etc. most likely the stores are empty. If the salesman needs that sale or has a sales quota, he may give you a deal to get the sale. You just have to act like you are on the fence about spending the money.

Go to or to check deals on an item you are interested in. If you find something that looks like a great deal, print it out and take it with you. If the store is charging more for that item, you can show the salesman the printout, and let him know you can get it cheaper if you buy online, and see if he will match the price.

Grocery stores: If you are buying an item, check all the shelves. Most of the time you will find the higher priced item at eye level. If you look towards the bottom, you may find the same can of peas cheaper on the bottom shelf.

Keep track of prices so you will know if the sale price listed is really a good deal or not. If you know that a 4 pack of Charmin usually sells for $5 and you see it on sale for $3.99, you know you have a sale, but if you see it for $3.79, it’s not that great of a deal. Unless you REALLY need it, just wait for a better sale price.

Every single time I go to the grocery store, I check the items they are selling for ½ price (or less). Usually, items that are close to their expiration date or discontinued items. Some keep it in the same place in a grocery cart, some have it on shelves somewhere in the store, I cook a lot and found spices that cost $3+ on sale for $1 each. Walmart has a row in their store. I’ve purchased items that originally sold for over $100, on sale for $20+ at Walmart. You have to check these sale sections every time you go because you never know what they are going to have.

Don’t shop on an empty stomach, you will buy things you don’t need.

Buy generic, they are just as good as the major brands. But, I would be careful of things at dollar stores. Make sure the food products were packaged in the U.S. Other countries do not have the same regulations that we do. I know a while back there were problems with toothpaste that came from a foreign country.

Just key in words like coupons, auctions, discounts, and you will find many sites to go to. There are many government sites where they are selling off items at discounts or via an auction site, many items seized from raids.

Why you need a Booster Seat

Booster high chairs also referred to as “booster seats,” “table chairs” and “feeding seats/chairs” – are available in several varieties and also have just as numerous uses and age ranges. The layout is beneficial for the youngsters as this may make sure the security of one’s kids given that they normally transfer lots. High chair booster seats are excellent to place your dining chair with the table. When you have a infant in your house these booster chairs are incredibly functional.

Every kind of booster chair serves a different objective. Some booster high chairs possess a featured tray for that comfort of putting the meals to the front from the baby. Some other seats have a place to dock your mobile phones and tablets so your child can watch videos or play games. All are modest compared to a full-blown highchair, but some are a lot more compact and transportable than others. If you have a booster car seat then the functioning in the booster seats will not likely amaze you. By far the most remarkable aspect with this high chair your child can sit and dine with you.

Booster high chairs are usually created with traps. It can be a great point since the baby might be proper beside the dining table with mother and dad. You can find also high chair booster seats which might be portable and can be introduced at any eating places. This may be very good information for moms that are quite annoyed in cleansing up the mess of her baby throughout meal time. The two most common types contain: portable high chairs that permit your infant to dine around the go and booster seats that give your toddler a massive kids’ watch in the dining table.

Compact highchairs are meant to substitute a full-size highchair and conserve area inside your kitchen. A booster high chair is also very good in your youngster as this will likely give him a sense of independence for taking his foods on your own. And toddler boosters are designed to give massive youngsters a increase in esteem. Most have a featured design and style is useful for infants who are still disorganized when getting their meal.

If you’re one of the mothers and fathers who would like to bring their kid along after they are heading out then this booster high chair is usually a very good matter to suit your needs. More compact, portable high chairs are made to travel with infant and are great for dining out or heading to Grandma’s home. Some booster high chair glimpse like miniature high chairs and are made for babies; other people are for toddlers only. Much better to keep the booster high chair in a very great and safe and sound affliction as this may be a continual use every single day.

On the list of most crucial things to take a look at could be the safety belt in the booster high chair. Thankfully, several can convert from child to toddler. The booster high chair is probably the very best furnishings that you may get in your baby.

Adorable Modern Baby Names for the New Encroaching Darkness

Modern Baby Names

Baby names of today are often a teeming mass of vowels that don’t belong and the desire for the child to be different than the other six children with their exact names in Kindergarten. We are here to help you navigate the landscape so your child will place high in the futuristic oligarchy of their adulthood. We’ve also created a fun app to create baby names that will work on any of the new mobile phones.

Fynnlyee: American. After the Pinterest Board entitled “OMG Here’s a Photo of My Pee Stick!!” meaning “vessel for Mommy’s lost identity.Lieden: American for “performs well when nothing at all matters anymore.” Excellent for future blonde journalists or a bro with a startup who will perform much crushing of “it.”

Ivankaaaargh: Russian, probably. “She with the horror-wraith half-smile of terrible beauty.” Ivankaaaarghs are gentle souls who simply do not understand the question and would rather speak of their initiatives concerning the children of somewhere.

Kyptynne: American, meaning “to cut letters out of Scrapbooking Today and rearrange them in a wad.” Ideal for a future in the spelling-things-slowly field.

Propane: American. A manly name of fire and burning. Future tribes will require his clean-burning efficiency to char the survivors of the HOA for food. No one will speak of these meals. Nickname: Hank.

Karisma: American for “white lady who constantly brings up reverse racism because remember, a Black girl was mean to her one time.”

Rhythm: American, meaning “Damn it, I thought you could count.”

Onnesstee: American for “I read it somewhere, believe me.” Denotes a truth-teller of the modern age. Anything is a truth, really, if you have good self-esteem and a louder voice than your enemies.

Cray: American, from the Urban Dictionary. Crays will be the only ones making sense in the future. Prone to shrugs.

Lakynn: American, meaning “all our walls have sayings about ‘bliss’ or ‘dancing’ on them now.”

Rory: Netflixian, meaning “one too many.” Works well in a family with “Bluth,” and “Humphrey.”

Ruger: American, fuck yeah, for “the only currency that really matters, crying snowflakes.” Ideal for he who owns the youth, as he owns the future. Originally German.

Sansa: Winterfellian, meaning “Your opinion on this female character is bad, and you should feel bad.” Excellent sister name to Skyler.

Phelonee: American for “And lo, irony limped to a sad death in the new world. All shall weep, if they still be capable.”

Offred: American, from the book “Why Did We Give Them This Idea?” meaning “All of you are named Offred now. Please proceed to the gold toilet and bow.”

Baby care tips for the new mom

Babies are the true angel of God. They are soft, tender and the most lovely thing on the earth. For the new parents, the newborn baby is a box of mystery and happiness. Parents have the foremost and first responsibility to care for them. The new parents have to struggle most to take care of the newborn. The new parents need to have sufficient knowledge how to handle feed and take proper care of the baby. As they have not any prior experience, they can learn it or take different tips from the elder members of the home. Parents should always remember that taking care of the children is the toughest thing to do in the world. Good parenting will indicate how would be your children when they grow up. Here are some tips for the new parents about how to take care of their baby.

Feed properly:

A baby only expresses its feeling by crying. It cries when it gets hurt, feel discomfort or hungry. As newborn only takes liquid mostly breastfeed milk, the mother should feed them frequently. Feeding your child time to time is important. Doctors suggest feeding the baby in every two hours. Sometimes you have to go out of the routine. You have to understand the tone of crying of your child. Before crying out of hunger, you should feed it milk.

Take care of hygiene:

Babies are so sensitive. They caught diseases very quickly from everything. So, you should take the highest care of the hygiene and cleanliness of your child. Everything you will use for your baby should be clean and germ free. It is the only way to keep your child healthy and fit. Using the baby care products is necessary. Baby soap, lotion, powder, oil, etc. things are made of special ingredients for the soft and immature skin of your baby.

Hold it properly:

You should know how to hold the baby properly. As the baby is so tender and delicate, they should be held properly. Otherwise, they could get hurt.

Choose the clothes properly:

You should choose the baby clothes properly. Soft, velvety, delicate types of clothes are appropriate for them. In the winter you should use woolen cloth for your baby. It will keep your baby warm and comfortable. In the summer season, you should choose the type of garment which absorbs the body heat and keeps the baby cool. If you’re looking for shoes, try and get your kids the gravity defyer sneakers. You can get great deals and Amazon cashback offers from sites like Yes Coupons.

Be aware of the temperature of the room:

You should always be careful about the temperature of the room. It should be balanced. Too cold or hot room temperature is harmful to the baby. It may create irritation for them.

So, these are the basic tips a new mom should keep in her mind to take care of her child.